Amate is the answer to a specific need to a desire for personal satisfaction that arises from those moments worth enriching with pleasure and emotions.

Those moments, linked to a world we call “resort”, are connected to a particular experience in one’s life, experienced in natural, warm, bright, enveloping, Mediterranean, exotic or tropical light.

For this reason Amate is not everywhere, but resides outside the normal framework of the fashion business. Amate is the memory of lived experiences that are renewed every time our garments are worn.

One of the main materials used in Amate is linen, complimented by other natural natural fibres, such as hemp and the finest cottons. Ancient fibers but always fresh, sustainable, natural relaxing.

At Amate we wanted to challenge these ancient fibres, aearching out new techniques in the manufacturing of fabrics, by studying new ways of weaving, washing and working them.

The idea being to merge innovation with history and bring technological know-how into a traditional world by experimentation, making Amate’s most important challenge production of a contemporary style through exhaustive experimentation with these natural materials.